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According to research by the Project Management Institute, companies are losing nearly 10 cents of every dollar invested because of under-trained project managers.
But the project management training out there is cumbersome...and boring.
MindsparQ® delivers project management courses to organizations that are engaging and easy to understand. Check out our listing of courses ready to virtually deliver or facilitate onsite.

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Self-Paced Course: Agile Project Management In 30 Minutes

30 minutes
Sure, there are a TON of courses on Agile that you can watch. How many of them provide a plain and simple explanation of Agile in a way that allows you to immediately understand and put it into practice? If you are still searching, look no further as I have put together a to-the-point course that uses minimal jargon and makes the content relatable to YOU.​ Enroll today to enhance your Agile project management know-how and better deliver your projects to meet the needs of your customers—internally and externally.

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0.5 PDUs / CEUs - 0.5 Ways of Working

Rebooting Your Agile Projects: Getting unstuck with the mindset, the meetings, and the momentum.

Full Day
Doing agile is totally different from being agile In this full day, interactive workshop, participants will walk away with: 1) a renewed understanding of “why” we do agile to achieve being agile, 2) an evaluation of our agile capabilities as an organization, and 3) a new plan to move forward with Agile (or not).

8 PDUs / CEUs - 4 Ways of Working, 3 Power Skills, 1 Business Acumen

The Ultimate Juggling Act: Managing Multiple Projects Like a Pro

Full Day.
In the ideal world, project managers are only managing one project at a time, utilizing the best practices of project management to complete the work on time and on budget.  However, the reality of today's project manager is that they are managing multiple projects. How do you manage all of those projects effectively without burning out?  In this course, participants will learn and put into place the strategies to categorize, prioritize and manage their multiple projects with confidence and clarity.  At the end of the course, participants will establish a plan of action to gain control of their projects and their time.

Templates, Resource Guide, and Reference book included in full-day course
8 PDUs / CEUs - 2 Ways of Working, 4 Power Skills, 2 Business Acumen

Data Storytelling: Inform and Inspire into Action

Full Day (Maximum of 30 students)
Teaches participants the fundamentals of data storytelling, explains why data storytelling is important and what makes a great data story, and finally students will have the opportunity to dive into the steps to creating a great data story.

Templates, Resource Guide, and Reference book included in full-day course
8 PDUs / CEUs - 2 Ways of Working, 4 Power Skills, 2 Business Acumen

Agile Project Management Journey

4 hours
In this course, participants will explore how the application of agile techniques in their work environment can benefit them and their teams. Participants will learn the essentials of agile project management and explore the application of agile techniques in their work environment.

4 PDUs / CEUs - 2 Ways of Working, 1 Power Skills, 1 Business Acumen

Project Sponsorship: How to “ACE” your role as the project executive

4 hours
In this 4-hour interactive workshop, participants will learn the basics of projects and project roles and discuss the key tips to “ACE” their role as the project sponsor that saves you time, gets you results, and enables success of the project.

4 PDUs / CEUs - 3 Power Skills, 1 Business Acumen


4 hours (Maximum of 15 students)
Workshop will delve into project management technical competencies and work with participants to develop skill sets in effective communication, client engagement, leadership, and trust building. Participants will walk away with key tips and resources to improve their project management skill sets.

Full Day course option available which includes in-depth case study analysis and reference book.

4 PDUs / CEUs - 1 Ways of Working, 2 Power Skills, 1 Business Acumen
(Full day course, double the PDUs/CEUs)

Project Management For the Rest of Us: Project Management Fundamentals Workshop

4 hours (Maximum of 30 students)
4-hour seminar teaches participants the fundamentals of project management and participants will learn about key resources to run projects effectively and consistently for continuous quality improvement. 
Full day option available.  Full Day course includes reference book.

4 PDUs / CEUs -  1 Ways of Working, 2 Power Skills, 1 Business Acumen
(Full day course, double the PDUs/CEUs)

Risk Management: Ensuring Project Success With an Eye Towards Risk

4 hours
The typical project manager knows the importance of risk management, but oftentimes overlooks key steps to develop a comprehensive risk management strategy within their projects. This course provides practical understanding and application of proven risk management techniques without bogging down the busy project manager. This course will better prepare participants to anticipate, analyze and prioritize risks, and develop a plan to implement and monitor risk response plans. Participants will get a clear explanation of risk management and how it fits into their project management steps and develop templates and checklists they can apply today on their own projects.
75-minute workshop available with a focus on fundamentals only with no exercises and no development of templates and checklists. 

4 PDUs / CEUs - 3 Ways of Working, 1 Power Skills

Think Like a Project Manager

75 minutes
Participants will have the opportunity to learn good project management techniques so that every time you are asked to “take the lead” on a small project, you have the tools and the mindset to get the job done.  

1.25 PDUs / CEUs - 0.5 Ways of Working, 0.5 Power Skills, 0.25 Business Acumen

Take the Lead: Everyday Project Management For Your Special Projects

75 minutes
Intended for the staff member who regularly ends up as the default project manager in their organization—the “accidental project manager.” Participants will identify the core key stages of project management, discover everyday tools to manage projects, and discuss how to be a 30-minute project manager.

1.25 PDUs / CEUs - 0.5 Ways of Working, 0.5 Power Skills, 0.25 Business Acumen

Project Persuasion: Leading Stakeholders with Impact

75 minutes
Participants will delve into their leadership challenges and gain an understanding of the most effective strategies to effectively influence and lead—even when they do not have direct authority.

1.25 PDUs / CEUs - 1.25 Power Skills

Who Has the Time? Time Management Best Practices

75 minutes
Course gets real about creating to-do and task lists, scheduling time on your calendar, and being more productive with your time.  

1.25 PDUs / CEUs - 1.0 Power Skills, 0.25 Business Acumen

Effective Email Communications: Get readers to read AND act on your messages

75 minutes
This course will review the basic principles of effective email communications with team members and stakeholders. Participants will work through case studies and have an opportunity for guided discussion on better practice tips and tools.

1.25 PDUs / CEUs - 1.0 Power Skills, 0.25 Business Acumen

Survivor: Dealing with Social Politics When Managing Projects 

75 minutes
This session will delve into social politics at work, guiding participants on how to effectively deal with office politics, have a strong sense of self, and develop good negotiation skills in order to forge effective working relationships with leadership, peers and teams.

1.25 PDUs / CEUs - 1.25 Power Skills

How to Boost Your Speaking Confidence with the 3 C's Checklist

75 minutes
This course will provide tips to overcome presentation jitters and walk through how to craft a compelling message that will leave your audience engaged and inspired by your message.

1.25 PDUs / CEUs - 1.25 Power Skills

4 Tips to Tackle Project Fatigue

75 minutes
Project fatigue is a reality for many organizations. Recognizing fatigue and taking steps to address it are crucial among project leaders and team members.

1.25 PDUs / CEUs - 1.0 Power Skills, 0.25 Business Acumen

Lessons Learned from Project Failure

75 minutes
This course will provide insights on the signs of project failure, review case studies on epic project fails, and share tips on how to fail well and learn from it.

1.25 PDUs / CEUs - 0.5 Ways of Working, 0.5 Power Skills, 0.25 Business Acumen

Expectations, Engagement, and Emotions

75 minutes
Participants will discuss the best practice strategies in stakeholder engagement and reflect on their own emotional intelligence (EQ) skills to better handle emotions, spirit killers, and effectively adapt to the changing winds of our stakeholders.

1.25 PDUs / CEUs - 1.25 Power Skills

Writing @ Work

75 minutes
This course guides participants on better practice tips for effective written communications in the workplace. 

1.25 PDUs / CEUs - 0.75 Power Skills, 0.75 Business Acumen
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